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blowdryer and hair products

looking to curate the life you have always wanted while doing what you love?

for so long we believed in hustle culture, where the boss has you working when there
wasn't work to be done, wishing to be able to do things but you are booked to work. at
Honey Hive we want to give you the opportunity to pick the days you want to work.
there is an open door policy so if you have a salon that you enjoy working at but want to
be in a different neighborhood or just a different vibe for a couple days out of the week
that's ok here. I love balayage but what do you love to do? You can specialize in anything you want, its your career and your work!

monstera leaf

all backbar provided

your clients are your client

work more or work less

no product charges

charge your own rate

46% commission

unlimited vacation

create your own 


raise your prices anytime

open door policy

tell us a little about you

what interest you about

our offer

what do you like to do?

what is your

instagram handle

Upload a Video

Let’s Work Together

4636 N Ravenswood Ste 104

Chicago, IL, 60640

Tel: 773-940-5252

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