Welcome to our new normal. Things are going to be a little different but I cant wait to see you!

  • Fill out your Covid-19 Form. You will fill this out every time, I know, I know, one day it wont be like this. Understand that your appointment may have to be rescheduled depending on your answers.

  • Please arrive with mask on

  • Wear a mask that goes behind your ears to your appointment, if not I will have some for purchase.\

  • If you did not drive you will be buzzed in but you will have to wait in the hall until your appointment time or until I get you.

  • Do not arrive late or you may be rescheduled due to the new disinfecting routine and needing to stay on schedule.

  • If you have a fever above 100.4 please reschedule

  • If you have traveled to a hot spot in the last two weeks please reschedule your appointment.

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