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new booking system, new pricing and also going gratuity free

Update: new prices and new booking system

Starting this week I am changing over to a new booking system. I know there has been struggles to booking appointments, sometimes there has been accidental purchases and random issues booking so hopefully it will be easier for everyone. So you will get your notifications via email or phone number or both.

starting august 1st I will start booking hourly at $120 an hour gratuity free

with the new price comes a new booking structure.

what does that mean for services, it means that whatever we can fit in that time limit is what you can get. Sometimes you don't have a lot of density and it takes a lot less time or sometimes you have a lot of hair and you're charged a la carte and now you're paying for 3 extra bowls of lightener. With this structure its all included.

It's being charged for my time and knowledge. these are some examples if you ever need to know what time you should book just let me know!

  • 15 minutes - bang trim, small kids cut 10 and under (this is for current clients I wont be taking any new kids haircuts)

  • 30 minutes - short hair cut, a dry cut

  • 1 hour - haircut with a shampoo and blowdry, gloss, 1 row move up

  • 1.5 hour- root touch up, all over color, mini balayage/highlight, 2 row move up

  • 2 hours - install and color 1 row install, partial balayage/highlight, bleach and tone touch up

  • 3 hours - 2 row install, full balayage/highlight, bleach and tone

  • 4 hours - full changing of hair, lightening coloring, full all over vivids

  • 5 hours - big change, lots of hair, going REALLY light,

  • 6 hours - color correction, everything, big change, extensions, conditioning treatments, the works!

You may be wondering why gratuity free

I no longer will be accepting tips. I know it sounds weird but then this way you know what you are going to pay, you no longer have to think about adding anything on to the end of the appointment. We can both just spend every second of that appointment doing all the hair magic without worrying about any add ons

Please let me know if you have any questions. if you have questions about the cost of your upcoming appointment please shoot me an email! I will be changing them over soon.

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