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alyssa blonde hairstylist in chicago. curly blonde hair black and white shirt



Beauty is a process, and since 2010, my work has been about finding beauty in that journey. I aim to shift the focus from the end result to the relationship with the path that gets us there.

From the "Show-Me" State to the "Windy City," I've found a home here and celebrated a decade in the game. Chicago has been an incredible teacher.

Specializing in low-key bougie blondes and dimensional colors in natural tones, I love to bring out your inner sparkle. I’m all about low-maintenance cuts that complement your natural hair texture. Maintaining and enhancing hair health is my #1 priority, and I'll go to great lengths to ensure your strands are in peak condition.

I offer a calming spa-like experience in a relaxing environment. My goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to kick back, relax your mind and body, leaving not only looking good but feeling good too.

Outside the salon, I'm a full-time mom to two feisty felines, June and Rocky. As a pescatarian with dietary restrictions who loves food, I enjoy discovering restaurants and experimenting with recipes that vibe with my sensitive belly. I'm a huge fan of live music, yoga, meditation, and quality time with friends. Despite a decade here, I'm continually discovering new places and learning about this wonderful city.

My chair is open, and I can't wait to meet you!

773-789-8743 text only

1 hour

Maintenance Haircut (less than 12 weeks since last haircut with no significant length or style change, PLEASE BOOK 2hrs FOR EXTRA LONG OR THICK HAIR or CURLY CUTS) • Hair/Scalp Treatment • Gloss/Toner • Wash and Blowdry/Diffuse/Style

4 hours

High-impact blonde / over 12 weeks since last highlight/balayage service • highlights or balayage on extra long or thick hair) • Blonding maintenance + Haircut • Platinum/Bleach Root Retouch + Haircut

2 hours

 Haircut on extra long/thick hair • Haircut if it’s been over 12 weeks since your last cut • Transformational Haircut (significant change in length or style) • CURLY HAIRCUT (dry cut detailed to natural curl pattern followed by wash, wet detailing, style and dry

5 hours

Color Transformation (going significantly lighter or darker or changing overall color), High Impact Blonde + Haircut 



 3 hours

Blonding Maintenance (Highlights or Balayage with less than 12 weeks regrowth • Platinum/Bleach Retouch w/ less than 6 weeks regrowth (please book a consultation if you have more than 6 weeks regrowth) • All-over Color Root Retouch (excluding bleach) + Haircut

6 hours

Color Transformation on long or thick hair (going significantly lighter or darker or changing overall color) • Higg Impact Blonde on extra long or thick hair + Haircut 


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