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Sometimes our hair just doesn't grow quick enough or long enough, or maybe you cant get your hair light enough without damaging it. Extensions can add length, density and even pops of color! You will have to come in for a consultation before your initial appointment to talk about your goals. Density and color matching are  important factors when looking for hair extensions.

I am certified in Tight-Line Extension Method and Invisible Bead Extensions.

I chose these methods after an extensive amount of research because I wanted a safe and healthy method for your hair. Different people require different things for their lifestyle and I am here to give you the hair of your dreams fit for your life.

Interested in getting extensions?

installation 200 per row 

tighten|move-ups 90 per row.


hair is sold by the piece

14inch - 75 per piece

18inch - 95 per piece

22inch - 115 per piece

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