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You are probably here for one of a few reasons; You were referred by a friend, you found me on Instagram or you've been looking for the perfect hairstylist to give you the Pinterest-worthy hair you've been dreaming of.
You've come to the right place
First please click on the book now page and set up your appointment. you will receive a confirmation text or email once your appointment gets accepted
When you arrive for your appointment at 4636 N Ravenswood you will probably look around a little bit and fear you're in the wrong place. you're not! There is a big industrial looking building with a sign that says bulldog lock. walk up and press 104 and you will be buzzed in. Walk down the hall until you see the door labeled Honey Hive Salon. If you drove there and parked out front we have sticker passes so you don't have to worry and can park anywhere with a sign for zone 20.


outside of bulldog lock building in chicago
At our first appointment we will plan out your hair goals and dreams, talk maintenance and discuss past hair color history. Your color will be custom formulated and your haircut tailored to your hair based on all the things we talked about during the consultation. 

When you are finished I will show you how to replicate the style at home, so you can maintain the look with ease, get you set with the perfect products, setup your next appointment and take that infamous Instagram photo shoot.

I cant wait to meet you

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